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I just got a letter in the mail. From my sister, Priti. From Hell.

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... ah. What?

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She says hi. She's a Tour Guide.

And she says hi.

From Hell.

From Hell.

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... How... Can someone say hello from, well... Hell?

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I. Don't. Know.

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I don't know either, nor why she's sending me mail.

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Ignoring the obvious question of how she found our mailing address, there's the question of how she's alive.

...not that I ever intended to kill her, but you'd think her time would have run out.

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This is a good question on both fronts. She doesn't really give an answer. Just she has a magical bus.

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...A... magical bus.


Well, in the end, I imagine you're happy. At least you know she's alive.

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I'm not happy nor angry.

Just deeply deeply confused.

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Beats me.

The answer is probably somewhere in Cross Dimensional Chaos Theory, but I'm sure it'd be entirely too much trouble to figure it out.

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It's like chaos theory mixed with quantum mechanics.

Only somehow more confusing.

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... Ow. My head. I tried think about it, and now I've gone cross.

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Yeah, it does that.