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I wonder if I should consider extraneous robotic limbs to preform work.

Except not in the crazy Doctor Octopus way.

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I should hope not.

If anything, look into an interface that doesn't involve surgery of any sort, and make an exoskeleton with the extra limbs. Need to have something to hold the extra weight after all.

...actually, don't you have suits that have a neural interface already?

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For the most part yes, and would be able to hold most of the weight of extra arms, I believe, so long as they aren't terribly bulky.

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Alternately we could just make an interface so you could control some drones directly. Might kinda feel like a Queen Bee like that.

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What if I go mad and become the queen of the Drones? Or worse yet, decide to become the Cyber-King?

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...Honestly I'm not sure you could really control more than a couple at a time without a lot of AI helping out, and then, yeah, you have the Doc Ock problem.

Just saying it's an option.

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I'd prefer the limbs thank you very much, and it would be like two at most.

Though the drone idea might be one to at least theoretically explore.

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Fair enough. What would you really do with the extra limbs, though? I suppose there is the potential advantage of extra carrying capacity, for one... but would it be that useful for you?

Hmm. Could be tricky. I can handle controlling a number of separate things at once, but the human mind isn't really suited for such a task. It'd have to be kept to a high level of abstraction, like a real-time strategy game of sorts. Creating an interface for that would be tricky as well, since you can't rightly just output the visual and/or audio senses of each drone directly into a human's mind.

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Same thing everyone else does: Two things at once. And for larger construction products.

Really, a RTS sounds like a smart interface system, and less Doc Ocking.

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Just make sure you can devote enough attention to both at once... or switch between them as appropriate.

Probably. I just don't know if I can make something suitable for it.

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Well I'd be doing simple tests at first to make sure I wouldn't get hurt. And then I'll try to read and do juggling.

Get Blizzard to design it?

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...just don't juggle anything dangerous.

Eh, popularity doesn't equate to efficient design.

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I was thinking propane tanks.

It should. Those who design best should be most successful.

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... Empty ones, I hope?

You would think so, but sadly it doesn't work out that way. A lot of times it's who sells it the best, gives it the best presentation. And even if they were the best at one time, that doesn't mean they still are.

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... Didn't consider emptiness or fullness, to be honest.

Marketing's pointless though.

And quality standards should always stay up.

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I'd rather not have the potential for explosions with shrapnel involved in your testing it.

It really isn't. If you spin things right, you can get people to buy all sorts of things. Jewelry is a good example.

Should, yes, but business is only interested in profits. If they can cut corners and keep sales the same, they will. Always. Which brings us back to marketing.

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Uh. Yeah, exploding doesn't seem good.

But jewelry can be used to power death rays and doomsday lasers! And giant robots if you're smart enough!

... That sounds silly. Profits are pointless if you turn out to be a devil worshiping cult or some-such along those lines.

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...but for most people it just sits around and looks pretty, honey. Like, say, art. And yet it goes for outrageous prices sometimes, for factors related to, but not inherent to, the piece itself.

Sadly, a number of people don't agree with that. See for example, Shouko's father. I think he was pretty much exactly what you described there.

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Isn't that due to some outrageous blood cartel run by evil and baby-eaters?

... I was making a joke.

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Uh... not sure. I know diamonds is somewhat like you described, since they used to be very rare, but after finding a large cache of them in Africa somewhere the value should have dropped, but remains high due to forced scarcity and a lot of marketing to make them desirable, particularly for women.

They say "god" is a comic playing to an audience afraid to laugh.

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Why would I want a diamond? I highly doubt it's the most ideal gemstone for use.

...They being? Personally I'd like to hear the jokes told by God. I'd think I'd laugh. But only if he was particularly clever or his puns were really good...

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Diamonds for wedding rings are very popular, entirely due to marketing about a century back.

It's a phrase I've heard, dunno who coined it. I think the idea is that it tends to be 'dead baby comedy'.

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I'd rather have a more colorful gemstone, though, myself. Why go with something so uselessly clear?

That just makes me think God is a foulmouthed bitter 20 something year old.

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Diamonds are useful for their hardness, and they wouldn't block as much light as a colored gem. But again, it's about the marketing.

...Well, Noriko seems perpetually teenaged in mentality, and she's worshiped as a goddess by some... so it's not that far fetched.

Of course, being a Xenoi I don't really believe in a particular 'god'... the word doesn't sit well on my tongue. But as far as humans understand the word, it could be appropriate.

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But I need to block out some kinds of colors.

... I wonder. Would we find the Universe is signed by Noriko if we went looking? Or is it just gods are teenagers...?

I just assume you're some sort of Buddha Alien Olympian as my over all thought processes on the matter and don't worry too much over it.

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Just saying.

It doesn't really work that way. ...usually. Normally, so called 'gods' are really just beings that have the ability to tell the universe what to do, and it listening. They might have existed before life on Earth did, or they might evolve from that life. In the end, age is all relative, since it's all about mentality.

...That works.

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And Noriko seems the sort to tell the universe that she has her name John Hancocked all over it.

I find it works best. But you're my sweet adorable husband first and foremost, and that's all that matters.

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...I imagine she tries. And maybe has some success to that end.

Aw... And you're my lovely, wonderful wife, which is all that matters.

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... I'm kind of curious to look.

Awesome. ... I wonder if we come over as obnoxious.

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...I don't really know where to even look, honestly.

...maybe sometimes. Not that it'd discourage me, though.

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I'd assume the night sky. Or something really small.

Pfft. You're so incorrigible.

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Hmm. Night Sky would be possible, though I imagine you'd have to be in a good, clear spot to notice it, since most stars are drowned out by light pollution.

If I let little things like that discourage me, I wouldn't have a wonderful wife like you. ...or be around anymore, for that matter.

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So find countryside or ride a rocket out of space. ... I wonder if there is outer space.

Or have a wonderful joint second wife to be with.

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Or, you know, the island. Or DA, maybe. And why wouldn't there be outer space?

That was probably more me not knowing when to stop. Apparently I still don't.

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Are we sure Noriko remade the universe beyond Earth?

I like it most of the time, and the only people you need to please are me, Shiyoko, Umu, and Kamala.
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Noriko didn't really 'remake' the universe. If anything, she found the branch where she didn't destroy things, asked it to split, and quietly removed duplicates. Hence why only the ones on the ship know that anything happened.

True. Though it'd be nice to please a few others... like Yasu.

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... She murdered the original versions in that split?

Well, Yasu's good, but I'm listing your immediate family. If she joins us, then I'll add her to the list.

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Possibly. Or merged them. Assuming the universe was even really destroyed in the first place, and we didn't just assume it was due to being outside it.

So noted. Best to prioritize what we have, after all. Bird in the hand and all that.

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My head hurts, and I'm pretty smart.

But do we have a bush capable of holding two birds?

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You're very smart. It's not something a human should ever need to worry about, though. Metaphysics are more my domain.

...maybe? Though in this case it's more three birds in hand, so. Hand kinda wins, 'hands' down.

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It's still bothersome.

Until the house rigs it against you.

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Old friend of Shiyoko, Shiroko, and/or Noriko.

She was on that all-girl team in the WRGP that went kinda bonkers for a bit there.

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... I apologize for not noticing? Is she alright now?

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It's fine, I don't really pay much attention to things like that either.

As. Far as I know? She always seemed kinda 'off' to me, but apparently she's relatively fine now. Haven't heard of her since a little after the team lost. Shiyoko might have a better idea.

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... Maybe I'll ask Shiyoko then..

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