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So, I found these devices in this store that involve trying to collect these little balls to turn them in for prizes. It reminds me Pinball, but it has no flippers.

... I think I lost or made a lot of money. I'm kind of confused on the matter.

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... how can you not be sure?

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Uh. I don't really keep that much eye on how much money we have. Erland and Shiyoko bring in a huge amount of profits, and well... it just doesn't come to mind?

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... Well, I don't mean that exactly.

Just how are you not sure if you lost or made money?

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... I didn't really keep track how much I poured in while I was using the machine?

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... That is a rather bad thing to do, you know.

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Yes. I'm pretty sure.

But it made such nice noises and the music was pretty pleasant.

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I think that's the point of those types of things.

To distract you.

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That seems bizarrely sinister.

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Well, it is gambling, I think...

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... I'm pretty certain, yes.

Putting money in, getting something out of it, exchanging it for other things...

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Must have been Pachinko.

Since it's technically illegal to gamble in Japan, the only way you could have made money from it is if you traded for special slips and exchanged those for money from a small shack likely in a back alley.

Of course, you might have gotten some nice prizes. I guess what matters is if you had fun? ...and probably to buy a video game version since you wouldn't have to worry about money then.

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... I didn't see a back alley shack. They suggested I take it to another store, though.

... They make this game for Video Games?

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Another store, you say?

Oh yes, quite a variety in fact. Most gambling games get a number of video games made based on them. Everything from the simple to the more... well, adult.

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Yes. Another store.

... That seems surprising.

... So why is gambling illegal in Japan?

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A smaller, more run-down store?

Not really. Most games that can be used for gambling are made to be rather addictive.

...which is why gambling is illegal. It's far too easy for people to get lost in the game, like you did, and end up spending more than they could afford. There's many cases where people go way into debt from gambling... and the lure of easy money keeps them coming back, hoping for one really lucky chance to turn it all around.

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It didn't seem that run-down to be honest. Less fancy, but not run-down.

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Still, separate from the main store, that's the loophole.

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Admittedly, that does seem really clever. I did money and some prizes, though, yes.

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Well good.

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Yeah... gambling is fine so long as you know your limit, and don't spend too much.

It's that gambling makes it easy to forget your limit is why it's banned in many places. It's also rather profitable for the one running the gambling, so where it can exist, it thrives.

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How much should I spend if I try it again?

But is there any specific reason Japan bans it, or is it that rationale?

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...Uh... I'd probably limit yourself to 5000 yen in a sitting. Alternately we could just buy one and hook it up in the house.

I imagine it's the rational I gave, though I don't know the reasons they had specifically.

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No, I like to keep things like that outside the house. Home is where I do my work and research, no to play games for the most part.