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Trying to avoid getting melted by Lava is hard.

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Why are you dealing with lava.

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Evil Secret Volcano Island.

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Would you mind wearing a lab-coat?

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Then give me two-three days to work on it.

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Still, there's nothing quite like a conference room with a wall of lava lighting up the place.

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Yes, but it's so much trouble to install!

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I think it'll be worth it, though... the trick is how to manage the temperature in the room.

I suppose I could do some 'bending' between it and the room, but it's a rather inelegant solution.

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... Let's make cold Lava that isn't solidified.

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...cold... lava...

Assuming it's possible, I'm not sure it'd give off light, honey.

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... And make sure it'd give off light.

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The only way I could see doing that is with lighting bounced off the 'lava'.

Alternately radioactivity, but that's probably a bad idea.

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Radioactivity sounds good.

We could breed giant spiders.

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I don't think your cells would agree, honey.

Spiders we could do, though... but they'd be as likely to hurt us as any intruders. Just something to keep in mind.

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I meant radioactivity for the spiders.

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Sure, but just be prepared to go through a lot of specimens.

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Just saying.