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G-geeze... that hurt... I can see why Exodia hurts now... Though, how did a blue collar criminal like that afford those cards...

... And we lost all the stuff we bought. Geez, the end of the year sucks.

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... Did... Something happen to you?

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Got into a duel with some rapscallion. Turns out his finishing attack hurt way more than it should of.

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... How? I mean, holograms don't really hurt too badly...

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He was glowing at the end of the duel. Ugh...

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... That doesn't sound very... Good.

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Should I be trying to hunt down this thug?

What all exactly happened, anyway? You were a bit dazed when you got back.

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Criminal bugged me and Shiyoko. Shiyoko kneed him in the groin. He then came back like 5 minutes later. Challenged us to a Duel.

And his finishing move hurt like hell. By the time I came around, he had run off with our stuff, and this purple haired officer lady was standing over us.

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...completely senseless, it sounds like.

What all did they take? Were your clothes disheveled or anything?

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I think they were honestly there to just duel and rob... I guess.

Clothes, New Years presents, food, art and work supplies.

No, we weren't touched. I think the police officer got there then if anything was going to happen.

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Mmm. Well, I'm glad you're relatively untouched, at least. It's a shame about the stuff, but that can always be replaced.

I should probably try and think of something to let me know if you ever get in a situation like that again.

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I. Don't know.

Homing beacon, obviously, but. How to tell you're in trouble is. Much trickier.

Maybe something related to brainwaves? I'd have to research it.

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... That feels a bit invasive, dear.

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I don't really know how to make it activate automatically otherwise, though.

Besides, I'd need to do something like that for my "extra lives" idea.

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... Getting slightly creepy. Romantic, but creepy, dear.

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...just think of it as being for love and SCIENCE!!!?

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Even SCIENCE!!! has her squick points and wants to go to the Spa on Sunday with her girlfriends in private.

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Isn't it good practice to always back up your important data?

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...well, I can't rightly force you to do it.

But that means I get to continue to worry about you. Constantly.

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Oh mister, no using the pity card.

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... well I do.

And this sort of thing is exactly why.

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Look, I really do want to do SOMETHING like that. Maybe not built-in, and maybe not even my tech, but I'd like SOMETHING.

I'm clingy like that.

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Well, it weirds me out. I don't want there be an army of clones of me walking around.

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...tempting as the mental image is, that's not at all what I'd want either.

There'd only be one Vidya at any given time.

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Which is why I'm against backups.

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Because that allows an army of Me Clones.

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No, no. There'd just be you, and one back-up at any time. She'd be held in stasis until needed, though hopefully that's permanent.

Of course, I say 'she', but truth is they wouldn't have any real being. Just a body.

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... Something about that just seems creepy, dear. Even despite good intentions. I like the idea...

And the Just a body thing creeps me out.

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...well, we could use something like a back-up brain... you wouldn't be able to revive immediately, but we'd only need to grow the body when you need it. Does that help at all?

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Alright, I can work with this. Let's hammer out the details later, alright honey?

Thank you for letting me have this much.

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Only because I love you so much.

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And I only insist because I love you so much.

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Aren't you sweet. You're getting 2 Hams for Dinner on New Years, dear.

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I can't help it when I have a sweetheart like you, honey~

I hope I can manage to eat all of it~

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And I hope you can. But there's always the leftovers in that case.

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I'm sure I'll have some help just in case I can't.

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Of course you will, dear.