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... So Shiyoko was asking if I knew how to make an extending dance pole. ... Also she kept calling me Missy. Do I look like a Missy?

... Should get Theresa out, especially with the Fall.

But... bored slightly.

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...hah. Well, you don't really look like a 'Missy' to me, but you know how she is with her pet names.

Good luck with that. She's rather entrenched.

Maybe we should do something sometime, then? Get you out of the house for a night.

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Maybe she said Miss E?

Got any suggestions.

Yes. That would be nice.

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...maybe, but you're Mrs. E.

Ugh. I really wish I knew, love. My ideas basically revolve around romancing her to show the world's not such a bad place, but that doesn't really help you any.

Anything in particular sound good to you?

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Well, Miss is also accurate, actually.

Yes. It makes her obsess over our world and me more.


[identity profile] 2010-08-30 05:12 am (UTC)(link) so?

...this is true.

I guess I'll think of something, then.

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Technical English bibble babble. But basically it can be used regardless of Marital status.

Maybe I should be mean to her?

... Good.

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...huh. I thought that was Ms. Learn something new every day.

...mmm. I don't know if I'd do that. You're her anchor so to speak... while you might get her out of her rut doing that, you might also drive her to despair and madness.

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Miss and Ms. are the same thing, I think dear.

... So how am I supposed to get her out of this house!?

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I thought they were different, huh.

I don't really know... maybe ask her to do a favor for you... or take her somewhere yourself. Make her go for a walk in the park with you, for instance.

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Maybe you're confusing Ms. and Mrs?

... She'll say no to a walk in the park and make us go walk outside instead.

And she'll bawl her eyes out if I ask her a favor. Mrrr.

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No, Mrs is obvious. I thought Mrs. was for married women, Miss for unmarried, and Ms. being marriage-neutral. Pronounced something like "Miz".

Maybe try to meet up with the store Suguru there, so you have to go to the park.

...have you tried before?

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Miss and Ms. I think are the same thing. ... Oh. Weird. English is odd.

... And then it'll just be me and the store Suguru.

Not the favor, but she's dragged her feet pretty ridiculously about leaving the house.

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That it is.

...maybe, but it's worth a shot, don't you think?

That's why you give her a reason to do so. ...and probably tell Xi not to help, so she doesn't cheat.

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Considering the track record, the shots have been fired.

... I guess. But I have no ideas there. ... Which is kind of a common problem.

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The trick is probably trying to find something that she'd WANT to go to Earth for. Right now you're her focus, but surely there's something else that'd interest her.

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Nope. Not a thing. Our world is perfect and heaven. Nothing here is wrong, except you and Shiyoko. She needs nothing of the poison of earth. This world is utopia.

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...I know you're frustrated with it, but I have to admit it's kind of nice to hear that all the same.


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It'd be mean. But... anything we could do to make her think this place isn't heaven, dear?

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...several thoughts come to mind, but... considering how volatile she is, I'm not sure we'd want to do that.

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... Can I at least hear them? So that I can objectively agree?

[Private to Vidya]

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Well, the better of them is the fact that I have, effectively, omniscience here. I have to focus, of course, but...

Re: [Private to Vidya]

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...but I could see whatever I like, so long as it's here on our world.

I imagine that such a thought would disturb her to say the least...

...unfortunately I imagine it causing her to attack me in my sleep.

Re: [Private to Vidya]

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... That might work.


Re: [Private to Vidya]

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I suppose you could try it if you're just out of ideas.

Re: [Private to Vidya]

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... I think I'll try it.

Re: [Private to Vidya]

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But I think I'll put a lock on our bedroom door.

Re: [Private to Vidya]

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