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I think I need to get out of the house. ... Mostly because I see that creepy tomboy girl staring at me every so often.

... And uh. How do you get an introverted misandrogynist who thinks your home is Utopia to get out and make friends that aren't you? Suggestions? My expertise is in physics and lasers, not psychology.

Also, is Dueling still considered to be hip and neato cool with the kids these days? Because if so, I'd like to do it with anyone willing to spare the time?

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... "Creepy tomboy girl"?

No suggestions here, sorry.

I am willing to duel with you sometime, though.

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Yeah. Erland took in a rich girl and apparently her creepy tomboy servant.

... None?

I'd be interested then.

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... That is... Somewhat odd. And disturbing.

I tend to not be all that good at even inviting people out in the first place. I think my advice would be very lackluster.

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I think the girl has the same name as our next door neighbor.


Anywhere you'd like to meet. If we need duel disks, I can probably buy one.

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... ... Noriko?

... We can do a tabletop one. No need to go out of your way to buy a duel disk. ... I should come by and visit anyway. Or at least convince myself to.

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... That would be really nice.

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... Ah, yes. I think I... Remember that there is another Noriko walking around, as well.

Then I'll do that.

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She doesn't seem quite bright, though. How odd.

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... That is a bit odd, but... Probably nothing to really focus on.

I'd be more concerned about their "servant".

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... Why?

Besides the fact they seem to be a creepy pervert.

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Creepy pervert tends to be a good reason to be concerned.

The fact that they seem to keep staring at you is another. It makes them sound like they're stalking you.

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... Oddly, they never come into the living room or the kitchen for some reason.

But yeah. Maybe I should tell Erland.

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That's. Odd.

Probably, yes.

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... Yes, see you soon.

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...I was afraid that they'd do something like that. Have you been in the living room when they were staring, or..?

That... honestly is a good question. Like I've said before, she's got a lot of issues backed up, and it'll probably take a lot to get her to come out of her shell, literally and figuratively. Best I can suggest is to invite other people over and introduce them to her... but who'd come over?

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Yes. They were just standing in the hallway.

... Well Souha wants to come over?

Can't think of anyone else... Maybe I could invite that nice gardening girl over?

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Well, at least they're keeping to that... definitely see how it's unnerving, though.

...which is lovely, but sadly I don't think it'll help in this case. I'm not sure she'd accept anything he says, and... well, he doesn't really say the right things to smooth things over anyway.

Hmm... That might work. Hasn't your reclusive friend been planting flowers? Maybe they'll bond over it.

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Yeah. And she looks like a drug addict or something.

... Maybe if he had an electronic brain he would.

Theresa? I don't know if she's been planting flowers or not.

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Well, that's why I told her to stay out of any room that isn't hers. And the kitchen and living room, because people have to eat, at least. Still, things are admittedly going poorly... I've tried to talk to Xi, but it's been avoiding me thus far.

...I'm pretty sure he'd object quite strongly to that, honey.

I could have sworn I saw her outside doing something like that.

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What is she. A junkie? She looks it. ... Though I think the hallway isn't a room, dearest.

... So?

... Really?

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I. Don't know. She's some sort of double of that one kid that Shiroko and Shiyoko like for some reason. Don't much care for him, and she seems very much alike. I only really offered because Moeko wanted her to come, and she'd have to sell herself otherwise. So. Yeah. we shouldn't replace his brain. Unless you're talking about making a duplicate, then... maybe.

I thought so. Maybe she got bored? Or maybe you mentioned something about wanting more flowers? I dunno.

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... What kid?

... Maybe. That sounds like fun.

... I wanted more flowers? Though more flowers would be nice...

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You probably don't know them. Just imagine the tomboy girl, only male. That's pretty much them.

I imagine that Souha will protest. Could be fun for you, though.

Her whole world is pretty much you now, honey. It shouldn't surprise you that she might be... particularly eager to please. Small comments might become life goals.

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... I'm imagining a 9 foot tall musclebound Yakuza gangster.

It's just a robot.

... Except the comment I keep asking. >:

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... You have a very active imagination, honey.

Souha has taken an immense dislike to technology if you recall.

Well, some things are just more powerful factors than you I guess, honey.

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Isn't that a good thing.

So? I'll give the robot the same issues.

... I wish to understand my almighty subliminal superpowers in more detail.

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Sometimes, yes. It makes you very creative. Also adorable.

...then the robot would hate itself.

I guess that calls for experiments.

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Aren't you sweet.

... Fascinating.

Agreed. Which means talking to Theresa.

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Just the truth, honey.

...I suppose, but it does make me pity it a bit. Which is probably more than I should think about a hypothetical robotic Souha.

Indeed. I wish you luck, and feel free to ask for my help or advice.

Oh, and tell me if the serial stare-r does anything out of line, and I'll gladly send them packing.

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Pity it when it's built.

Right. I'll ask as needed.

... Alright.

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Fair enough.

Good. Hopefully it goes well.

Your safety and comfort come first, remember that.

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I'll be fine, dear. You over worry.

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Just making sure you know.