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So, I think I made a new friend.

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Ah? Anyone I know?

Also, did my suggestions help any?

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She was a girl named Suguru, I think. Nice. Polite. Good if archaic fashion sense.

... Suggestion? Which one?

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...ah, you must have met the... new Suguru. She seems to take offense if you infer she's a clone.

On meeting people.

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I don't know the full story, but she seems to have appeared out of nowhere, and has a lot of Suguru's memories. She works at some weird curio shop, I think I heard.

...we talked about ways we could meet new people? Like... a month ago? Maybe less?

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... So, she's like me?

Sorta kinda. Go to colleges and walk around is about it.

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Maybe. Like I said, she hated being called a clone, said it's 'not accurate', so. I'm not sure. She seemed nice enough when I talked to her, but I don't think she particularly liked me. >.>;

Also post more, but yeah, we're pretty much homebodies.

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I didn't know there was another Suguru. So. And we had a nice all-natural dinner.

That isn't that bad. But I'm considering it. I'm just waiting for someone interesting... I guess?

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Yes. So. I was a bit confused. ...then again, you could be talking about a Suguru that I don't know at all, so maybe I'm telling you things that don't apply.

I do hope you enjoyed the dinner, though. And the company.

Same here. It's kind of like fishing, I guess.

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... How many Sugurus are there.

Oh we did. ^ ^;

Pretty much.

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I don't know. I don't think it's a particularly common name. But I only know of the two, and one shares the memories of the other to some extent. But other Sugurus would be unrelated, probably.

Good to hear.

Lots and lots of waiting. Taken as an excuse to nap by many practitioners. ...which admittedly sounds tempting sometimes.

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... So 2. Okay. Just making sure.


... Practitioners?

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Anyway, from the comment below I think I can safely say that we've been talking about the same person. And who knows, maybe you do have something in common with that. know, hobbyist fishermen.

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It was really nice to have dinner with you, then!

I'm going to be working on that idea you gave me. I just hope it works out well.

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Agreed. I enjoyed the meal quite well and would have it again.

Why wouldn't it work?

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Mostly hoping that people would even let me plant things.

I'm certain he would allow me to take some flora from the store, but I'm not entirely certain anyone else around would.

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... He?

And why wouldn't people let you plant?

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My employer.

Because they're untrusting.

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Oh. Though,Why would anyone distrust you?

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Because of my name. And my looks.

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... Those are stupid reasons.

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A bit, yes. But I can deal with it.

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Well, whoever they are. They don't sound very nice at all.

Though, I'd be glad to help you with planting.

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One of them is understandable to be distrustful, but a couple others are... Just annoying, in the long run.


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If they give you any trouble, just holler.

No problem.